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Last updated 8-5-2015

The hot dog days of summer are upon us. Help your pet look COOL with a new collar for the summer.  


  • #011 Soccerballs on Blue 
  • #022 Confederate Flag - Back in Stock
  • #024 Red Bandana
  • #062 White Daisies on Red
  • #069 Whales
  • #077 Pawprints on Aqua
  • #353 Jelly Beans Too
  • #503 Shamrocks and Scrolls 






It has come to my attention that a many number of you have had difficulty finding pictures of my fabrics available. I am sorry for that. If you click on any category page with the product you are looking at, there is a sentence that says: CLICK ON THIS SENTENCE TO VIEW FABRICS. If you click on that sentence it will open up the fabric pictures. From there, you will find all my prints. If you find one you like you simply click on the fabric and it will mark it as your selection then all you do is click ADD TO CART. If any of you have any additional issues with my site, do not hesitate to contact me.     


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It is each individuals responsibility to determine the suitability of our products for your pet. Consumer accepts all responsibility by purchasing and using these products. Collar safety is your responsibility.


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Classic Dog Collar - Medium
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Martingale - Extra large - 1" width
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Adult Cat Collar - Regular


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